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updated 05/17/19

Taps we are flowing at: 

Victory Bar & Grill Berlin -    Rails 8.4% , On Deck Azacca La Vista Baby 5.0% ; German Pilsner 4.8%

Olligators - Swellhead 8.2%

Filamenas Berlin- Caboose Juice cans

Otts Berlin -on deck Caboose Juice 6.5% 

Chickie N Pete's Marlton-  

Uno Pizzeria & Grill- Deptford ....   On Deck Azacca La Vista Baby 5.0%

Uno Pizzeria & Grill- Maple Shade-  

Kid Rips-   Rails- 8.2% double Red IPA

R Mac's - Taco Box 8.2%  CANS,  On Deck Azacca La Vista Baby 5.0%

TapRoom & Grill - Atco IPA 6.0% , on Deck , Swellhead 8.2%

Jug Handle Inn - ON deck Swellhead WCDipa 8.2% 

Roger Wilco Pennsauken - ON deck Hop the Magic Dragon 8.5%

PJ Whelihan's Medford......  Rails 8.2% Red Double IPa 

Red Lion Inn-   Azacca La Vista Baby 5.0%

Super Buyrite West Deptford-,  on Deck Rails 8.4% 

BobKat Liquors-........  

Dominic's Tavern-.....  

Ott's BottleStop -......  on Deck Throttle Jerker 9.2% DiPA , Kriller 6.7% Brux Trois IPA;  Azacca La Vista Baby 5.0%

Woodbriar- Swellhead 8.2% DIPA,

Joe Canals Hammonton- 

Dooney Pub -  Rails 8.2% Double Red IPa ,  On Deck Azacca La Vista Baby 5.0% 

Fielders Pub- Mr McOatPants CANS

Passion Vines- Somers Point - ON Deck- Mr. McOat Pants 8.5% NEDipa

Chickies N Pete's Egg Harbor Twp.-- - Mr. McOat Pants 8.5% NEDipa

Brass Tap Vineland - on Deck Caboose Juice 6.5% 



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